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College of Illinois Scientists Provide Us Little Known Ways
to Produce More Effective Pv panels

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    Solar LED Flashlight,
    a Green approach to the environment

    Down-To-Earth Information, Advice, and Reviews about Solar Energy Devices,

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    Welcome Solar Energy enthusiastic people!!!

    Collaboration from a Green - Solar Energy fan!

    College of Illinois Scientists Provide Us Little Known Ways
    to Produce More Effective Pv panels


    This video shows you a summary

    of what the EL8 headlamp is and

    some of the thighs you can do!

    Our Mission

    We want to inform and educate people about products that use Solar Energy, providing reviews, and reports of real life situations, and examples, through pictures, written text, and live-action videos. We prepare and produce all video tests and reviews.

    Watch Action-Live Videos on:

    Let us introduce you to our first product, the EL8 Solar Powered LED Headlamp! by Everlite. An innovative 100% GREEN solution, earned on its own right! A Solar Panel, included in the EL8 kit, fully charges the Headlamp with Solar Energy in about 7 to 8 hours!

    Learn about some of the many uses and features of the EL8, Solar Panel - LED, Li-ion rechargeable battery Headlamp combination kit. Watch a live action video showing some uses as charger of electronic hand held devices, cell phones / iPhone charger, and iPod outdoors solar charger.

    Solar LED Headlamp Li-ion battery

    EL8 Solar Powered LED Headlamp
    and included Solar Panel

    New Light Option


    EL8 Solar Headlamp, four "on" modes, operational sequence


    Watch how to plug your cell phone into the sun!!!


    Using the EL8 Solar Headlamp to charge an iPhone

    You need Quick Time player
    to watch movies in our website

    Follow the link on the right to
    download the free player


    Some hand held electronic devices you can recharge with the EL8 Solar Headlamp, or from the EL8 Solar Panel itself!

    iPod shuffle
    iPod Shuffle

        Motorola Bluetooth earpiece

    Motorola Bluetooth

    Magellan GPS
    Magellan GPS

    my LG cell phone
    Cell phone


    Watch more short live action movies showing some of the many uses of the EL8 Solar Panel - LED, Li-ion rechargeable battery Headlamp, charging electronic essentials.

    Our purpose and mission

    We are committed to promote and sale smart, green products. Inventions that help to conserve the environment, by not generating waste by products or keep it to a minimum.

    People are aware of the importance to protect and conserve the environment. Manufacturers and consumers look more and more for devices that use green ways to utilize electric power.

    Example of some green devices are electronic equipment that use efficient ways to generate, store, convert and deliver electricity, in form of light, heath, or any other form of energy.

    Some examples of green electric devices are:

    Green power generator are wind electric generators, and solar electric generators. Green storage devices are rechargeable batteries. Green lighting are fluorescent tubes and bulbs, and LED (Light Emitting Diodes).

    Examples of electronic devices that use rechargeable batteries as source of electric power are:

    •  iPods, MP3 players,

    •  cell phones,

    •  Bluetooth headset,

    •  flashlights, headlamps

    •  photo digital cameras,

    •  video cameras,

    •  portable GPS (Global Positioning System),

    •  Game Boy, other hand held games,

    •  iPhone, iTouch (touch screen iPod model)

    All those electronic devices use rechargeable batteries, not one time use, or disposables. The last advanced technology shows the rechargeable Lithium-Ion (Li-ion) batteries as the long lasting, lighter, higher capacity (mA/hr) than its predecessors Nickel-Cadmium (Ni-Ca), and Nickel-Metal Hydride (Ni-MH) batteries.

    There are many solar energy devices out there. We are introducing green devices we had thoroughly used and tested. What we want to accomplish is to educate, inform, and give you facts about those devices, in the form of written reviews, pictures, and short movies, coming from our own test.

    The videos you will see through our website, are prepared, taped, processed, and publish "in house", by us. They are real life reviews, examples and tests. Our goal is to give you a clear idea of the products we feature, and its uses, by showing our tests on pictures, videos, and written reports.

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