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    About Solar LED Flashlight

    I am a curious, jack of all trades, handyman, electronic engineer. I have an Electronic Technician degree, and I received a master degree in Electronics in the National Technological University, in Córdoba, Argentina. Since early years, at about 8 years old, my father, who was an Electronic Engineer too, got me involved on electronic circuits, experiments, and of course I manage to learn by destroying stereos, music equipment, and radios around the house!

    I've been designing and inventing all kind of gadgets since then. I also thought electronics in a Electronics Trading High School for 10 years. This is the reason I like to explain technical subjects to people, so they can understand it.

    I enjoy playing tennis, jogging, walking by the beach in sunny California, yoga, swimming, hiking, backpacking, and camping. Photography and videography are my hobbies as well as doing sound for bands, classical music concerts, etc. I'm also sound engineer by training.

    I really enjoy listening to audiobooks or podcast from Eckhart Tolle, The Power of Now and The New Earth, and Yaro Starak, Entrepreneur's Journey and Blog Mastermind

    I'm studying Internet Marketing with Rich Schefren, an authority and mentor of several renown internet marketers like Yaro Starak (blogger), Mike Filsame, Maria Andros (the Video Queen), Alex Jeffreys (British internet marketer), and others.

    I'm also student of Andy Jenkins from StomperNet, Stomping the Net 2.0, the best SEO program in the world, and Paul Lamberg, StomperNet, Formula 5, an amazing internet marketing program.

    I just signed up for Maria Andros, Social Media Traffic Blueprints, a fantastic course on Social Media and video for the internet.

    I always was fascinated by reusable energy: solar energy, wind energy, hydro-electric energy, and its components, wind and hydro-electric generators, solar panels, LEDs, and rechargeable/reusable batteries.

    I enjoy almost any kind of work, specially when your creativity is involved and challenged. I like to do different kind of works around my house, like installing and fixing sprinklers, doing fancy ceramic tile work on the bathrooms and kitchen, plumbing, electrical work, gardening, etc.. I love to play with audio equipment like sound mixers, amplifiers, microphones, wireless mics, speakers, speaker boxes and the like; but what I like the most is to help people.

    I work a 9 to 5 job in a bio-medical company, and I also enjoy many different kind of activities; among them is the creation and maintenance of several websites. After 10 years working on placing those sites in the first page of Google (Search Engine Optimization), I realized I could put any website in the first place of Google at will, with not much effort depending on the website and the business related.

    In December last year (2007) I met the co-inventor and co-owner of the EL8 Headlamp and Solar Panel combination, He has several patents filed, many about solar energy devices, and a vast experience in different technical and engineer fields. I asked him to help me to write a provisional patent application, of an idea a friend of mine and I had a year ago. I offered him to help with SEO of his website, and after I worked on it, the traffic from Google started to take off.

    Two months later, he told me about the "2008 Editors' Choice Award, Backpacker Magazine" the EL8 Headlamp received, and was going to be featured on April, 2008, on that magazine.

    I had the idea to help to promote this headlamp, since as I explained above, solar energy, solar panels, LEDs, and rechargeable batteries had such a big attraction since I was a teenager.

    In February 2008 I decided to create this website, with the intention to promote products that use solar energy as source of electric power, efficient LEDs, and rechargeable batteries, by creating reviews and reports using text, pictures and live-action videos. We create, design and produce all this educational and informative material.

    In the process, I found that showing people how to use and applications of the EL8 Headlamp through videos, helped them very much to understand and figure out what do they need.

    I will be posting new "green" products, new developments on solar power uses, as they come available.

    Daniel Murugarren
    Solar LED Flashlight


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